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March 26, 2019 Chapter Meeting: The Brilliance of Resilience: Growing Through Change (Rescheduled Date)

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 -
5:30pm to 8:00pm

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5:30pm Informal Networking/Dinner
6:00pm Announcements/Networking
6:30pm Presentation
7:45pm Wrap-Up

Presentation Details:
Let's face it: Challenge is, well... CHALLENGING. So how do you keep functioning when times are tough?  You know, when the project deadline just moved up and everyone has to scramble to meet it. Or a key team member left the project, and you're struggling to fill the gap.

Answer: Embrace a growth mindset to cultivate resilience in the face of challenge.

Challenges show us where current limits are. Embracing growth is hard, and this session shares everyday tools for building resilience. When accepting our humanity and engage in self-compassion it’s possible to use challenge as a reason to learn new tools and skills. This open, honest, and funny talk looks at how to choose to growth and learning over burnout and frustration, and stay connected to the passion for service.

Participants will learn to:

  • Explore their own relationship with challenge, resilience, and growth
  • Generate powerful conversations that shatter stigmas around challenge and adversity
  • Utilize tools and strategies to stop fighting and start growing from challenges
  • Establish boundaries to provide more effective, compassionate service

Speaker Bio:
Jacy Imilkowski PMP, CPCC, ACC, CLL is an energetic speaker, born storyteller, and self-admitted communication nerd. She deftly weaves story, humor, and expertise to share tools and skills that engage participants’ hearts and minds. Her interactive presentations focus on real-world application. Participants leave every session with tools they can immediately apply in their everyday lives.

Jacy is a certified project manager, professional development coach, and laughter leader with over 20 years of experience coaching, training, and leading projects. Her understanding of team communication dynamics is exceptional. Jacy has developed and delivered hundreds of learning sessions to individuals and organizations across diverse industries.

For a preview, go to jacyimilkowski.com/speaking/

REMINDER THAT 2019 CHAPTER DUES ARE NOW DUE. Please use the membership page to renew online or bring a $35 cash/check to the meeting. (If you pay online the day of the meeting, please bring the receipt as well to assist us.)   Remember, you must be a member of the international IIBA to join a local Chapter. For more information, contact Membership at membership@wisconsin.iiba.org.  

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Skyline Technologies: N16, W23217 Stone Ridge Dr #200 Waukesha, WI 53188