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The IIBA Southeast WI Chapter has been providing services to the BA community since 2007 by helping to promote the role of the BA, providing learning and training opportunities such as study groups, bi-monthly chapter meetings, and supporting the WIBADD event, and providing networking opportunities for business analysts in the local community. Our Sponsorship Program allows us to continue the work that we do. While we need support in continuing a meaningful professional society, we believe it is essential for an organization to receive benefits for supporting our organization. We hope our program is structured in such a way that an organization can realize significant benefits by working with our chapter.

Consider becoming a corporate sponsor. Contact our VP Sponsorship & Marketing at to get started.

  Premier Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor Investment $5,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $250
Term of Sponsorship 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Company name and logo displayed on the chapter website Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Company brief description and link to company website on chapter website Yes Yes No No No
Recognition at each chapter meeting by the board president Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company name and logo displayed in meeting presentations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free meeting passes for non-chapter members. $25 value per person 10 per meeting 3 per meeting 2 per meeting 1 per meeting None
Use of the IIBA Southeast WI Chapter logo during term of sponsorship Yes Yes Yes No No
Broadcast email to chapter distribution list during term of sponsorship Yes No No No No
Annual chapter membership fees waived during term of sponsorship (1) 6 per year 3 per year 2 per year 1 per year None
Exclusive participation in board activities (2) Yes No No No No
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1 Membership in the International IIBA is required for membership to a local chapter.
2 Premier sponsorship provides these additional benefits not given to other sponsorship levels:

  • Ability to partner with the Board on chapter development and promotion activities.
  • Exclusive Presentation at one Chapter meeting during the sponsorship term. Topic and scheduling must be approved by Board.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to financial sponsors, the board of directors welcomes companies and individuals willing to provide the following services to assist the chapter.

Chapter Meeting Support

  (Recognition at a chapter meeting on services relating to the event)

  • Facility to host the meeting
  • Food and beverage for meeting attendees
  • Speaker costs
  • Door prizes for meeting attendees

Chapter Administrative Support

  (Recognition at a chapter meeting for the additional support)

  • Printing services for chapter material
  • Auditing services for financial records
  • Educational services to chapter members
  • Website maintenance



If you have opted to sponsor us at a different amount, please use this option:

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